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Recap of Sarah Palin’s Many, MANY Lies

Sarah Palin

The many lies of Sarah Palin continue to emerge in "Going Rogue: An American Life."

The lies of Sarah Palin are different from any other politicians’. They are different because they assert things that are demonstrably, empirically untrue; and they are different because once they have been demonstrated to the entire world that they are untrue, Palin keeps repeating them as if they still were true or refuses to acknowledge that she was wrong.

Once again … here are the lies I mean. Go through them. See if you think they are Clintonian type parsings of the truth or artful political hedging or anything like what we find in most pols. They really are not. They are functions of delusion and a worldview that wants things to be a certain way and cannot absorb that they are not. If you find the slightest error or come across a fact that we should add to this list of current lies, please let us know. We want this list to be as accurate as Palin is delusional. We want to create some template of easily-accessible reality as some kind of guard against the fantasies and fabulisms of our post-modern and fundamentalist age.

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New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Rape kits are used to investigate sexual assault crimes

Rape kits are used to investigate sexual assault crimes

Although the subject of Wasilla Alaska rape victims having to pay for their own medical exams was previous explored here on the Sarah Palin Truth Squad, this additional report further clarifies Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s character and actual knowledge of the practice during her administration as Wasilla’s mayor.   Detailing yet another one of Gov. Palin’s untruths, as reported on the Huffington Post by Jacob Alperin-Sheriff on September 11, 2008, this in-depth evidence speaks directly to the issue of this candidate’s honesty as a government official entrusted with the welfare of the citizens and her sense compassion as a human being.

The Palin rape kit billing controversy has made its way from OfftheBus all the way to CNN. In her story on the controversy, Jessica Yellin claimed to have found no evidence in city records that Sarah Palin was aware that sexual assault victims were being billed for forensic testing. However, recently released budget documents show that Sarah Palin directly shifted the cost of the rape kits from the police department to the victim in her budget for fiscal year 2000. Given that the CNN article quotes a former city council member as saying “Palin would review each department’s budget line by line,” even if an underling wrote up the actual budget, she knew about the funding shift, and still signed off on the budget.Under Sarah Palin’s administration, Wasilla cut funds that had previously paid for the medical exams and began charging victims or their health insurers the $500 to $1200 fees. Although Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella wrote USA Today that the GOP vice presidential nominee “does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test…To suggest otherwise is a deliberate misrepresentation of her commitment to supporting victims and bringing violent criminals to justice.” However, the evidence from Wasilla’s budget records says otherwise.

The mayor of Wasilla before Sarah Palin, John C. Stein, was also a Republican, though the office was and continues to be non-partisan. Mayor Stein was defeated by Sarah Palin in a campaign that brought in the NRA, Republican partisans, and various dirty tricks, including a possible whisper campaign that Mayor Stein was Jewish (he is a Christian, but is “proud of such a reputation”). He now runs the Sitka Sound Science Center, a marine research facility in Sitka, Alaska.

Mayor Stein told OffTheBus that he didn’t “think victims were billed while [he] was mayor,” but that he wasn’t certain. He did mention that “Wasilla participated in establishing a Sexual Assault Response Team to set-up a one-stop forensic exam room for victims,” evidence of a pro-victim police department. In order to confirm his assertion about the billing policy, he recommended I contact current police chief Angella Long for confirmation. She did not return my request for comment.

However, I was able to eventually track down Irl Stambaugh, police chief of Wasilla from the founding of the department until Sarah Palin fired him for “not fully supporting her efforts to govern.” Stambaugh sued for breach of contract, but lost when a federal judge ruled that “police chiefs serve at the behest of the mayor unless otherwise specified.” He later served as the executive director of the Alaska Police Standards Council.

It turns out that Wasilla did not bill sexual assault victims for the cost of rape exams while Irl Stambaugh was chief of police. As chief, he had included a line item in the budget to pay for the cost of such exams. He had only just heard about the Mayor Palin/Chief Fannon policy today, and was just as shocked to hear about it as I was.

In an earlier piece, I had mistakenly said that the exams were covered under a general “contingency” funding. In fact, the department’s first full-year budget, for fiscal year 1994 (July 1, 1993-June 30, 1994), included a line item specifically to pay for medical examinations. This line item was denoted “contractual services”, and was described on page G-26 of that budget (available in this PDF on page 42) as covering “costs for medical blood tests for intoxicated drivers & medical exam/evidence collection for sexual assaults.” As a member of the city council at the time, Palin was required to read and approve this budget. The contractual services line item was more succinctly described in the 1995 and 1996 budgets as “costs for medical blood tests or exams as required for evidence.”

Starting with the last budget under Mayor John Stein, the FY97 budget (July 1, 1996-June 30, 1997), the line item explanations became less detailed, with the explanation for the “contractual services” line item for several departments combined into one. The explanation reads “Contractual Services/General-medical testing, road maintenance, equipment rental, airport snow removal.” A table below lists the allocations and spending for the “contractual services” line item from FY94-FY99 (the budgets for the italicized years were submitted by John Stein; the others by Sarah Palin)

Fiscal Year

Police Department Contractual Services Line Item





















For FY 2000, however (July 1st, 1999-June 30th, 2000), only $1,000 was allocated for the “contractual services” police department line item. Note that page A-1 of the budget (available here) states that “the Wasilla city council hereby adopts the operating budget for the Fiscal Year 2000, as presented by the Mayor and introduced on April 26, 1999.” At the bottom of this page is Sarah Palin’s signature.

The actual line-item showing the cut in funds allocated for contractual services can be found on page F-28. The line item index confirming that this line-item still referred to “medical testing, road maintenance, equipment rental, airport snow removal” can be found on page H-5 of the line-item index for fiscal year 2000 (available here).

Of the insufficient $1,000 allocated, only $152 had been used by December 31st, 1999, according to data from the FY2001 budget. That budget was “submitted by Mayor Sarah Palin” on April 24, 2000. At this time, the bill banning the “victim pays” policy was under consideration in the state House, and as a result, this budget included the FY99-level $4,000 allocation for “contractual services,” and starting in June of 2000, the city began paying for the exams again. The interesting thing about the $152 spent during that 6-month time period (there were probably 5 sexual assaults reported during that period) is that it was not even enough to cover a single rape kit, using the $300-$1,200 range given by the original Frontiersman article. Perhaps Fannon was still using the fund for intermittent DWI blood testing, which had skyrocketed as a result of his decision to shift back bar closing times to 5 a.m. from the 2 a.m. closing time set by former Police Chief Irl Stambaugh.

The budget document for the 1999-2000 fiscal year includes a budget message by Mayor Sarah Palin. According to item A.6 of Section 2.16.020 of the Wasilla Municipal Code, the mayor must “repare and submit an annual budget and capital improvement program for consideration by the council, and execute the budget and capital program as adopted.” This message ends as follows:

Though change is sometimes initially unsettling (and in the Woodrow Wilson: “if you want to make enemies, try to change something.”) It is Administration’s desire that this budget format be viewed objectively. I look forward to council discussions and continued input from our residents on the budget as we mindfully prioritize the public’s dollars to plan, construct and improve our vital infrastructure.

At the end of the letter, under the words “Sincerely,” is the signature of Sarah Palin. The McCain/Palin campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

The Obama/Biden campaign theme is “change we can believe in.” Given Governor Palin’s own words and actions in this budget, perhaps the McCain/Palin campaign’s theme ought to be “change that is unsettling.”


New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams



The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin

Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Just for the record, I asked an intern to go back and double fact-check the twelve documented lies that Sarah Palin has told on the public record. These are not hyperbolic claims or rhetorical excess. They are assertions of fact that are demonstrably untrue and remain uncorrected. Every single one of the lies I documented holds up after several news cycles have had a chance to vet them even further.

I know the MSM demands that we move on from the fact that someone who could be president next January has a list of public lies so extensive and indisputable that the McCain campaign has still not been able to rebut or even address any one of them, while fencing her off from the press and refusing to hold a press conference to clear the air on so many murky questions of fact that get to the core of whether this person is fit to be vice-president or president.

So for the record, let it be known that the candidate for vice-president for the GOP is a compulsive, repetitive, demonstrable liar. If you follow the links, here is the proof. I repeat: proof:

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Confidential Termination letter from Mayor Sarah Palin to Wasilla Police Chief Irl Stambaugh

Irl Stambaugh, center, Wasilla police chief when Sarah Palin was elected mayor in 1996, was fired on Jan. 30, 1997. Stambaugh lost his wrongful-termination lawsuit in 2000.

Irl Stambaugh, center, Wasilla police chief when Sarah Palin was elected mayor in 1996, was fired on Jan. 30, 1997. Stambaugh lost his wrongful-termination lawsuit in 2000.


Confidential letter from Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin to Wasilla Police Chief Irl T. Stambaugh regarding his termination, dated February 7, 1997.  In the letter Palin states she does not “feel I have your full support in my efforts to govern the City of Wasilla.”  The previous mayor of Wasilla had Stambaugh to be Alaska’s Municipal Employee of the Year.  ~ Sarah Palin Truth Squad

Confidential Termination Letter from Mayor Palin to Police Chief Stambaugh

Wasilla Alaska Police Badge

Wasilla Alaska Police Badge



Sarah Palin had turbulent first year as mayor of Alaska town

The Seattle Times investigated the wrongful termination suit filed in Federal Court by the former police chief of Wasilla, Alaska, Irl Stambaugh, using information obtained from three boxes of documents pertaining to the legal case.  Records shows that “embroiled in personnel challenges, a thwarted attempt to pack the City Council and a standoff with her local newspaper.”  ~ Sarah Palin Truth Squad

 Sarah Palin had turbulent first year as mayor of Alaska town

Sarah Palin is shown in her office shortly after being elected mayor of Wasilla.