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As Alaska Stimulus Showdown Nears, Gov. Palin to Leave Town

The Alaska State Legislature

The Alaska State Legislature

JUNEAU — With just one week left before the Alaska Legislature adjourns for the year, the conflict between Gov. Sarah Palin and lawmakers over taking federal economic stimulus money is the dominant issue left.

In fact, legislative leaders don’t seem intent on doing a whole lot else this year.

Just nine of the 419 bills introduced have passed through the full Legislature so far, and while many more will pass in the frenzied final week, there is little desire to make major state policy changes in what Senate President Gary Stevens conceded is basically a session of preserving the status quo.

There’s still a chance that bills will pass increasing the state minimum wage, requiring parental notification when a teenager gets an abortion, expanding Alaska children’s health insurance for lower-income families and stopping the state, including the Permanent Fund, from investing in companies doing business in Sudan, the African country whose government has been blamed for genocidal killing in the Darfur region.

Legislators will also vote Thursday on approving the governor’s appointees, including attorney general Wayne Anthony Ross, who has proven controversial but is still likely to be confirmed.

Palin herself will be leaving Alaska this week to attend the Vanderburgh County Right to Life dinner in Evansville, Ind. on Thursday, as well as an event for special-needs children. Fairbanks Republican Rep. Jay Ramras questioned her leaving town right at the end of the session, when critical decisions are being made.

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Palin In-State Gas Line Looks DOA in Juneau

TOO LATE: Legislators say utility merger, gas plan not likely to pass.

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin’s biggest initiatives for this legislative session appear dead on arrival, at least for this year.

Top lawmakers said Tuesday they aren’t likely to pass the governor’s bills dealing with an in-state natural gas pipeline and consolidating the six Railbelt utilities to pursue mega-projects like the Susitna River dam.

“They are very big issues. I personally do not believe we will complete those before the end of the session,” said Senate President Gary Stevens, a Republican from Kodiak.

Lawmakers from both parties say Palin introduced the bills too late — about halfway through the 90-day session of the Legislature.

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