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Message To Our Supporters … Donations Needed to Continue Through November 4th

Statue of Liberty and the American Flag

Statue of Liberty and the American Flag

Dear Readers,

We here at the Sarah Palin Truth Squad deeply appreciate the overwhelmingly positive emails of encouragement we have received for our efforts to provide the latest news and information about the Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to the American public.

The steady stream of hate mail from Palin supporters has been sad, disturbing and even at times amusing, but our spirits are not dampened by these unrelenting displays of bad manners.

Please help us continue to inform the American voters of our real concerns about this reckless, unqualified and deeply troubling choice for vice president in the final two weeks before the presidential election with your donation of $1.00 so that we can redouble our efforts fulltime to this cause.

Thank You for Your Support!!

Sarah Palin Truth Squad

Ooooooh, Barracuda! Sarah Palin Set To Throw John McCain Under The Bus

GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin

GOP vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

As previously discussed here on the Sarah Palin Truth Squad in Mean Girl: Sarah Palin Has a Way of Using “Old Boys” – Then Dumping Them When They Become Inconvenient as well as Barracuda Sarah: Palin’s Resentments of the Educated Started in Wasilla, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a clearly documented history of manipulating people to gain their friendship and support for her personal and political agendas.  Then when Gov. Palin no longer needs those benefactors to advance her purposes she tosses them under the nearest bus and climbs over their bloodied careers while marching off in search of fresh prey. 

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REAL American Moms AGAINST Governor Sarah Palin For VP (Video)

Check out this wonderful video created by American Moms who are AGAINST Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin becoming the next vice president, only ONE 72-year-old heart beat away from becoming leader of the United States!!  Also, visit their website at VoterMoms.com in order to view additional segments of this video on important issues such as the economy, the war, choice and abstinence, freedoms, special needs, healthcare, the environment, experience, and McCain’s judgement.