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UK on US: Has God Really Chosen Sarah Palin to Lead Our Country??

To millions of Americans, Sarah Palin is the one person who can save the US from the perils of communism, gay marriage and gun control. But can she ever win the White House, or will she destroy the American right?

Sarah Palin pressing the flesh in Grand Rapids, on her three-week-long, 14-state promotional book tour.

Sarah Palin pressing the flesh in Grand Rapids, on her three-week-long, 14-state promotional "Going Rogue: An American Life" book tour.

It is a freezing night in Indiana. A light drizzle is turning to ice as a crowd of 1,000 people shiver and huddle under umbrellas in a shopping mall car park outside the small Midwestern town of Noblesville. But no one is complaining.

“I came to hear the truth get told,” says Roy Hendrickson, a moustached 66-year-old retiree from the town of Lebanon, about 30 miles away. “I want to see her go rogue!”

She, of course, is Sarah Palin, and Going Rogue is the name of her autobiography. The event tonight is the third stop on one of the most audacious book tours in the history of publishing. It is a 14-state, three-week-long trek through the heartland of America that has already drawn tens of thousands of fans. No other figure on the right of American politics can pull in crowds and generate excitement like Palin. Like Obama with Democrats, people believe in her. But Palin World is a very different place from Obama Nation. In Palin World, America is succumbing to the foreign ideology of socialism, and the lifeblood of the free market is being squeezed by Big Government. The threat of “death panels” haunts the elderly. It is a nation of whispered conspiracies that Obama wants to take away people’s guns, and where communist appointees plot secret internment camps and the forced indoctrination of innocent American youth.

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Going Rogue Memoir Is Palin’s Payback to McCain Campaign

Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska on the campaign trail in September 2008 with Senator John McCain.

Former Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska on the presidential campaign trail in September 2008 with Senator John McCain.

Going Rogue,” the title of Sarah Palin’s erratic new memoir, comes from a phrase used by a disgruntled McCain aide to describe her going off-message during the presidential campaign: among other things, for breaking with the campaign over its media strategy and its decision to pull out of Michigan, and for speaking out about reports that the Republican Party had spent more than $150,000 on fancy designer duds for her and her family.

The most sustained and vehement barbs in this book are directed not at Democrats or liberals or the news media, but at the McCain campaign. The very campaign that plucked her out of Alaska, anointed her the Republican vice-presidential nominee and made her one of the most talked about women on the planet — someone who could command a reported $5 million advance for writing this book.

In what reads like payback for disparaging comments by John McCain’s aides about her after the ticket’s loss to Barack Obama, Ms. Palin depicts the McCain campaign as overscripted, defeatist, disorganized and dunderheaded — slow to shift focus from the Iraq war to the cratering economy, insufficiently tough on Mr. Obama and contradictory in its media strategy. She also claims that the campaign billed her nearly $50,000 for “having been vetted.” The vetting, which was widely criticized in the press as being cursory and rushed, was, she insisted, “thorough”: they knew “exactly what they’re getting.”

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Sarah Palin’s Lack of Leadership Shows in ‘Going Rogue’

Is Sarah Palin the best America has to offer as a future leader?

Is Sarah Palin truly the best our country has to offer as a future world leader and president of the United States of America?

The temperature was close to zero Monday as I left the house to buy Sarah Palin‘s memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life.” The book was almost impossible to find in Anchorage before its official release Tuesday. The salesman who finally sold me one asked me to promise I wouldn’t reveal his identity if he sold me a pre-publication copy.

I made the pledge and put down my money. I’ve written about Palin since she ran for governor in 2006, interviewed her, moderated campaign debates in which she participated. I wanted to see what she’s like in prose.

In “Advertisements for Myself,” Norman Mailer admitted “a desire to inflict my casual opinions on a half-captive audience.” That’s what Palin has done in her 400-plus-page advertisement for a woman who, at age 45, seems to have permanently attached the word former to her name — former beauty queen, former mayor of Wasilla, former governor of Alaska, former Republican vice presidential nominee.

Palin is now beginning a book tour on which she will do what she does best: draw crowds, create controversy and stir up the conservative base. These things are almost certain to make her, like Mailer, a bestselling author. But they won’t make her the next president of the United States.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin, an amateur as a candidate, became a professional victim, blaming others when encountering political turbulence.

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Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Going Book Tourin’, Going Into Obscurity

Sarah Palin: Heading into Obscurity Anytime Soon? We can only hope.

The most exciting event of our time is coming and I can hardly wait. The day everyone has been waiting for will be here on Nov. 17. Going Rogue, Sarah Palin’s great American novel will finally arrive! Bring out the champagne. Let’s all have a book party. This is THE event of the century.

Even before the first copy is released, Going Rogue is outselling other women of equal intellect and accomplishments. A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton is down in the numbers . Palin is way ahead of The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice, by Sandra Dey O’Connor. Not even that amazingly accomplished Paris Hilton: Life on the Edge, can match Palin’s literary success.

Here she is, folks. The Lady of the Year, the Maverick to end all Maverick’s, the new leader of the Republican Party in skirts. What a woman! What an amazing role model for all ambitious young women everywhere . Especially those who want to rise to fame and fortune based on their charm and their wit, and their ability to manipulate the conservative right like nothing ever before.

Let’s all hail the almighty Palin. Parodied by Tina Fey, ridiculed by those nasty men in the media, insulted by none other than David Letterman and not once did she ever lose sight of her number 1 goal:

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Palin’s “Vindictiveness” in Her New Book

Newsweek Editor Says She Seems Out to Repudiate Critics But Thinks “Going Rogue” Shows Her Lacking “Mastery of the Issues”

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin attempts to settle imagined slights in her new book "Going Rogue," which is set to be released Nov. 17th.

There’s lots of high drama surrounding Sarah Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue.”

The former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor’s book hits store shelves Tuesday, but it’s already a best-seller.

Portions have leaked, and they’re stirring controversy.

What type of chapter will the book write for her political career?

She’s the latest in a long line of potential presidential hopefuls to pen a book, and Newsweek Senior Editor Michael Hirsh says it could show she, too, is gearing up for a run at the White House.

“I think very much so,” Hirsh told “Early Show Saturday Edition” substitute co-anchor Debye Turner Bell. “There’s a long and storied history there. And Palin has put her own particular stamp on this tradition. Whether it’s going to get her what she wants, which is apparently a national stage leading into (the next presidential race in) 2012, is another question.

“There are a couple things that were somewhat disturbing about Palin that appear in this book,” Hirsh observed, “(including) this streak of vindictiveness toward her political enemies, which we see now include many in the (Arizona Senator and former GOP standard bearer John) McCain camp.

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Sarah Palin is to Republicans What Joe Lieberman is to Democrats

Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman appear with former Governor Sarah Palin on Septmber 22, 2008 in Media, Penn.

Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman appeared with former Governor Sarah Palin on Septmber 22, 2008 in Media, Pennsylvania.

Senator Joe Lieberman was on Fox News Sunday this week speaking on the Ft. Hood tragedy proclaiming his committee was going to “investigate” what he believes is “the most destructive terrorist act to be committed on American soil since 9/11.” So, instead of what would usually and regretfully be called a “fragging” or “friendly fire” or some other euphemism, Lieberman used the Republican Party line to define our two wars as Holy Wars. Any act by a Muslim is a terrorist act. We are in a crusade against evil. Therefore Muslims are evil. We’re good, they’re bad.

Then the Senator from the great state of Connecticut is asked about the Health Care Reform bill. Lieberman brushes up against yet another GOP talking point and says, “The public option plan is unnecessary. It has been put forward, I’m convinced, by people who really want the government to take over all of health insurance.” Government takeover of health care. Raise taxes. More debt. You lie.

As I was watching the interview, I thought to myself, ”Wow this schmuck came dangerously close to being one heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Then it occurred to me: Joe Lieberman is the Left’s Sarah Palin.

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Scozzafava: Does Palin Even Know Who She’s Endorsing?

It’s a Grand Old Purging as moderate’s ouster spotlights Republican dysfunction

Since the GOP nominee dropped out of the race in New York's 23rd Congressional District amid pressure from conservative leaders, Dede Scozzafava has been swept into the national political conversation.

Since the GOP nominee dropped out of the race in New York's 23rd Congressional District amid pressure from conservative leaders, Dede Scozzafava has been swept into the national political conversation.

Gouverneur, N.Y. — Over Halloween weekend, Dede Scozzafava morphed from a rosy-cheeked Republican mom to a political figure of speech.

“My name’s a verb now,” she said.

A little-known state assemblywoman with moderate Republican views and a mouthful of a surname, Scozzafava’s bid for an open seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District drew trash talk from conservative leaders hoping to purge her from the party, mash notes from White House-dispatched Democratic suitors that included Bill Clinton, and the unblinking gaze of political professionals fascinated by her role as the problem child for a dysfunctional Republican Party.

Even as she now hopes to return to her normal life of local politics, laundry and choir practice for next month’s big performance of Bach’s Christmas Cantatas, the political forces that swept her up have not entirely let her go. Last week, while watching a news show about the next sharply contested Senate Republican primary in Florida, her parents reported that one of the commentators asked whether the moderate was in peril of getting “Scozzafaved.”

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