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Palin To Hit The Radio Airwaves?

Sarah Palin in Auburn, New York.

Sarah Palin in Auburn, New York.

Inside Radio reported that Sarah Palin’s camp is exploring the syndication potential of the ex-Governor of Alaska. While it is difficult to imagine Palin succeeding across airwaves given that her speaking style–some call it incoherence–draws much criticism, a national radio show could serve as a potent platform for spreading her views and realizing her resignation-speech mission of effecting “positive change outside government.”

The article notes that it will be “an ironic twist” if Palin takes to the mic because of her negative opinion of media. But this “irony” is typical Palin operation. Indeed, the same woman who fought a public battle with Letterman and told the media to “quit makin’ things up” in her farewell speech once said in a 2008 interview that Hillary Clinton should avoid anything that could be a “perceived whine” when discussing her media coverage.

Of course, Palin does have a history of enjoying social media. Her Twitter account as governor, which shut down on Sunday, boasts 514 tweets.

But that is media she controlled. Which is why if radio becomes a reality for Palin, it seems likely that any calls she takes from listeners will be screened heavily.

Kerry Golds
The Atlantic Monthly


Sarah Palin Insults Our Intelligence One Last Time

Sarah Palin at the RGA Conference on November 13, 2008.

Sarah Palin at the RGA Conference on November 13, 2008.

Sarah Palin isn’t stupid. She just thinks we are stupid.

She thinks we will sit there and quietly nod while she yammers like a pageant runner-up answering the final question, and speaks against divisive partisan politics after months of indulging in divisive partisan politics.

She thinks we will believe that she is quitting the Governor’s office so she can serve a “higher calling” and “be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, and for truth.” She plans fight for the truth — just not right this second.

Because the truth is, she is quitting because she has one of the thinnest skins and smallest minds ever to hold office. Her over the top reactions to David Letterman’s jokes about her daughter tell you all you need to know. She insults our intelligence by making nonsensical speeches and dredging up hoary political clichés thinking we won’t notice (“We fight them over there so we won’t have to over here,” etc.), and then gets mad when we notice.

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