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Still Waiting for Sarah Palin Emails – One Year Later

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Public records requests made more than a year ago for Sarah Palin’s e-mails still haven’t been filled by the state, and the Alaska Democratic Party chairwoman alleges it’s an attempt to bury the past.

I think they’re hiding something, I think this is a travesty of justice,” state Democratic Party Chairwoman Patti Higgins said Wednesday. “The law says they have 10 days to do it.”

Public records in Alaska are generally supposed to be provided within 10 days, although the state can extend the deadline for more complicated requests.

State officials say this is no cover-up, but rather a case of massive requests that have overwhelmed the state’s resources. Assistant Attorney General David Jones said the 11 largest public-records requests from last year remain unfilled; most of them, he said, require the review of between 2,900 and 30,000 documents.

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Troopergate Figure Files For Alaska Governor Run

French says he is filing paperwork Wednesday to run for governor.

Alaska State Senator Hollis French says he is filing paperwork Wednesday to run for governor.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — State Sen. Hollis French, a major figure in last fall’s Troopergate investigation, has filed paperwork to run for governor of Alaska.

The Democrat oversaw the investigation that looked into former Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of her public safety commissioner.

Palin fired Walt Monegan in July 2008. State lawmakers launched a $100,000 investigation to determine if Palin dismissed Monegan because he would not fire her ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper who was involved in a messy custody battle with Palin’s sister.

The investigation concluded Palin did abuse her power of office but the firing was legal because Monegan was an at-will employee.

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The GOP Has Become a Party of Nihilists

GOP Death Panels

The GOP controls the strings of scare tactic 'death panels' myth.

In one of those awful collisions between public policy and real life, I was in the midst of an awkward conversation about end-of-life issues with my father when Sarah Palin raised the remarkable idea that the Obama Administration’s attempt to include such issues in its health-care-reform proposal would lead to “death panels.” Let me tell you something about my family situation, a common one these days, in order to illuminate the obscenity of Palin’s formulation and the cowardice of those, like Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the lead Republican negotiator on the Senate Finance Committee, who have refused to contest her claim.

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Alaska Dems Reject Palin’s Senate Choice Tim Grussendorf

JUNEAU, Alaska, April 2 (UPI) — Alaska Democrats have rejected Gov. Sarah Palin’s choice to fill a Democratic state Senate seat, suggesting he is a closet Republican.

Tim Grussendorf, a legislative aide, was registered as a Republican until a few weeks ago, the Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News reported Thursday. Democratic senators met Wednesday in the office of Majority Leader Johnny Ellis.

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Palin’s Alaska Senate Pick Tim Grussendorf On The Issues

Tim Grussendorf is known among longtime Juneau residents for his unsuccessful campaign for the state House of Representatives in 2002 and as the son of former Rep. Ben Grussendorf, D-Sitka, a former House speaker.

While Grussendorf did not win the endorsement of the Juneau Democratic Party, he said his conservative mainstream Democratic views are in the middle of public opinion. Here’s where he stands on several Alaska issues: Continue reading

Poll: Palin GOP Favorite in 2012 – But Pollster Says Poll has No Value

A new CNN poll shows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the favorite for the Republican nomination in 2012. The pollster goes on to say the poll has no predictive value.

A new CNN poll shows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the favorite for the Republican nomination in 2012. The pollster goes on to say the poll has no predictive value.

Well it looks like a Palin presidency is guaranteed. And with the Conservative Political Action Conference heating up in Washington, DC, this is sure to cause great excitement.

A new CNN poll looking at the 2012 presidential election is out (which makes sense because President Obama only has 47 months to go in this term).

Smooth sailing

The results show Sarah Palin is the favorite to receive the GOP presidential nomination. So all she’s got to do now is remain popular this year, and in 2010, and in 2011, and in 2012, raise a ton of money, win a bunch of primaries, and then get nominated.

You can’t dispute polls. Pollsters have proven there is no better industry to be in when it comes to economic catastrophes. They never get laid off.

Just last week, there was one that had President Obama beating Jesus in a “who’s your favorite hero” poll. (Not lying, here’s that story). Continue reading

Obama Addresses Crowd in Philadelphia Downpour; McCain Cancels (Videos)

Today Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama rallied thousands of supporters in the cold, driving rain at a rally in Widener, Pennsylvania.  The following videos were filmed by Chris Barrett.  BTW, couldn’t find Parts #7 and #9, but perhaps it was just an error in numbering the clips.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 8

Part 10

Tuesday was a tough day to be outside in Greater Philadelphia. The rain poured and the wind howled. The weather turned so nasty that the fifth (and possibly final) game of the World Series game scheduled for the night was postponed.

John McCain canceled a Tuesday morning rally at Memorial Stadium in the Philly suburb Quakertown.

Back in the city meanwhile, in driving wind and rain on the campus of Widener University in Chester, Senator Obama was greeted by thousands of supporters who cheered Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell when he introduced the Democratic presidential nominee and kept right on cheering as Obama took the stage and addressed the crowd. The crowd was multi-racial, wildly enthusiastic and drenched. Attendee Charlene McGrady was impressed with the enthusiasm but not surprised by the crowd’s tenacity. “Philadelphia Phillies fans waited hours in the rain for the third game of the World Series. McCain either doesn’t know much about the people in this area or doesn’t have much faith in his supporters.”

In a photo taken of the event taken by Robert Ford, Obama appears determined and hatless in the open air, buffeted by the storm.

Among the crowd at the Obama rally were many children. Described as an “historic day in Chester,” the local school district closed the schools and Superintendent Gregory Thornton encouraged parents to take their children to the rally. He said they should “take advantage of this educational opportunity.”

“The passion and persistence of Obama and the crowd that turned out to hear and see him despite the weather speaks volumes,” said McGrady. “It’s a telling contrast to the fair-weather attitude of the McCain campaign, which threw in the towel at the first drop of rain.” She went on to add that John McCain and Sarah Palin went ahead with an indoor rally today in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which caused McGrady to comment wryly: “$150,000 for clothes and they apparently didn’t buy her a raincoat.”

McGrady felt the Pennsylvania cancellation was indicative of the entire McCain campaign, adding: “What a washout his campaign has been, in more ways than one.”

Obama Addresses Crowd in Downpour; McCain Cancels