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Ooooooh, Barracuda! Sarah Palin Set To Throw John McCain Under The Bus

GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin

GOP vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

As previously discussed here on the Sarah Palin Truth Squad in Mean Girl: Sarah Palin Has a Way of Using “Old Boys” – Then Dumping Them When They Become Inconvenient as well as Barracuda Sarah: Palin’s Resentments of the Educated Started in Wasilla, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a clearly documented history of manipulating people to gain their friendship and support for her personal and political agendas.  Then when Gov. Palin no longer needs those benefactors to advance her purposes she tosses them under the nearest bus and climbs over their bloodied careers while marching off in search of fresh prey. 

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Palin in 2012, Revisited

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

The Atlantic published an op-ed today by Ross Douthat on the possibility of Sarah Palin running for the presidency in 2012.  As has been written here previously in the Sarah Palin Truth Squad, we cannot let our guard down even if Barack Obama successfully wins the 2008 presidential election … just as the Terminator warned us, “I’ll be back,” she [Gov. Palin] will be back and we need to be ready.

Basically, I agree with the AmbinderCillizza take on the question – namely, that Sarah Palin might well be a formidable contender for the GOP nomination in 2012 even if she’s massively unpopular with the sixty-five percent of America that doesn’t vote in Republican primaries. In an Obama-era GOP, where the various factions and candidates are competing for control of a increasingly purist rump, isn’t hard to see a scenario in which Palin unites evangelical voters and talk-radio conservatives – constituencies that split between Huckabee and either Romney or Fred Thompson, respectively, in 2008 – and rides that bloc to victory against a field that’s just as divided as it was in ’08.

What’s very, very hard, though, is to see how a primary campaign fought and won along those lines would put Palin in a position to actually win the White House – assuming, that is, that Barack Obama doesn’t completely fall on his face in the next four years. Not because Obama won’t be beatable in 2012 even if his Presidency isn’t a disaster, mind you, but because the Sarah Palin whom the base loves at the moment just isn’t a candidate who could beat him. Given the way she’s presented herself on the campaign trail and/or been used by the McCain campaign, and given the media narrative surrounding her candidacy at the moment, for Palin to be elected President of the United States would require an image makeover even more substantial than the one Hillary Clinton underwent between the late 1990s and this year. (That was the substance of my argument in this post from three weeks ago, and I think it holds true in spades right now.) Such a makeover is by no means impossible – this is America! nothing’s impossible! – but running as the candidate of Rush and James Dobson in 2012 isn’t going to get her there.

(And speaking of Palin and the GOP, this exchange between Patrick Ruffini and Jon Henke is worth a read.)

Palin in 2012, Revisited

Barracuda Sarah: Palin’s Resentments of the Educated Started in Wasilla

Wasilla, Alaska Mayor Sarah Palin

Wasilla, Alaska Mayor Sarah Palin

The New Republic published an excellent, insightful expose by senior editor Noam Scheiber on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s apparent disdain for those she perceives as educated “elites,” starting with her upbringing in Wasilla, Alaska and continuing throughout her political career as she exacted ‘punishment’ on adversaries for her own personal agendas and vendettas.

It’s unlikely the name Sarah Palin would mean much to anyone if not for a man named Nick Carney. Long before she stood up to Republican cronies and “the good old boys” of Alaska, Palin stood up to Carney, a colleague on Wasilla’s city council. As Kaylene Johnson explains in her sympathetic biography, Sarah, Carney had the gall to propose an ordinance giving his own company the city contract for garbage removal. In Johnson’s telling, it was the first time Palin bravely spoke truth to power: “‘I said no and I voted no,’ Sarah said. ‘People should have the choice about whether or not to haul their garbage to the dump.'” Johnson writes that Palin’s vote made Carney into a “political enemy”–the first of many, it turns out.

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Can Palin Broaden Base for 2012?

The WashingtonPost Georgetown / On Faith blog published a thoughtful op-ed by Jacques Berlinerblau on Republican Governor Sarah Palin’s political chances in a 2012 race for the US presidency.  Although 4+ years away (though 2012 campaigning will probably start January 21, 2009!!) this is something American voters need to consider even if Senator Obama is elected president on November 4th.

It’s not that I assume that Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States (in fact, I anticipate a furious charge from a devil-may-care John McCain in the next 21 days).

But when conservative columnist William Kristol is urging the Republican presidential nominee to divest himself of an operationally incompetent and strategically incoherent campaign apparatus, then perhaps we can at least take a peek, a look-see, at a future in which a Democrat runs the country. Which Republicans might be challenging President Obama in 2012?

In terms of 2008 aspirants we can say that McCain and Fred Thompson will be too old. Rudy Giuliani too strategically incoherent. That leaves the following (with apologies to Tancredo, Brownback, Hunter, Paul and Keyes):

Sarah Palin: If the governor of Alaska wants to run for the White House then she is going to have to spend every day of the next four years systematically rehabilitating her public image. In return for the honor of being selected by that other Maverick, Palin has been rewarded with the widespread perception that she is a dim-wit, dishonest, an abuser of power, and a religious zealot.

Similar charges were leveled at Dan Quayle in 1988, another politician who went from total obscurity to the Most Detested Person in Liberal America in a matter of seconds (I seem to recall a headline in The Village Voice: “Bush flips America the Bird!”). But at least he actually got to be vice-President.

What Palin does bring to the table and what may make her attractive to GOP kingmakers is her ability to “energize the base.” By “base” we mean White Conservative Evangelicals. And if reports from the field are accurate, then the base isn’t only energized by her, but short-circuiting. Her crowds are huge and their shout-outs are becoming increasingly inflammatory. (Incidentally, an Evangelical pastor yesterday correlated Obama’s followers with worshippers of non-Christian gods).

It will be interesting to see what type of campaign Palin would run when unencumbered by McCain’s handlers (who did not, I think, do her any favors in the last six weeks). If she strikes populist Christian themes and plays on her small-town appeal then that should be of concern to. . . . .

Mike Huckabee: I have gone to great pains to point out that the base did not–I repeat, did not–necessarily get overheated for the former governor of Arkansas. In his 2012 incarnation Huck must secure Evangelical support earlier and more often. Palin will be winking at them as well and the mind races at the thought of these two cudgeling one another for a share of the same demographic in Iowa (Chuck Norris, meet the First Dude. First Dude. Chuck).

But if there is one thing we are learning in this election season it is that White Evangelicals are less of an electoral force than they were four years ago. The leadership is in flux. Issues beyond abortion and gays interest them. A younger generation is rising.

A weakened–more precisely, a fractured–Evangelical base signals the possible re-emergence of that other GOP base composed of Free Marketeers, daredevil de-regulators, the pro-Big Business faction, and the anti-tax brigades, among others. It may also a signal an opportunity for ….

Mitt Romney: If McCain loses, it seems safe to say that it was the stupid economy that did him in. Had Romney been selected as his running mate in 2008 he could have addressed this issue with more authority than both Mavericks combined.

But let us not forget that Romney himself pandered to the conservative Christian base (which he fought Huckabee for in some sort of mutual annihilation pact). He proclaimed himself an “evangelical Mormon.” He flip-flopped on abortion. He thumped Bible. He lambasted secularists. In short, Mitt Romney ran as a Culture Warrior–a role he was not suited to play.

If Palin, Romney and Huckabee do run in 2012 they will have to learn one crucial lesson from 2008: culture warfare is not enough. Put differently, they will need to play to the bases. To win a presidential election it takes more than faith.

Can Palin Broaden Base for 2012?

Is Gov. Palin a Member of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ Prayer Group?

Mary Glazier

Mary Glazier

An Alaskan “Strategic Prayer Network” leader, Mary Glazier, who claims to be a “witch-hunter,” says Palin is part of her “prayer group.”  Bruce Wilson, writing for AlterNet.org, lies out the case for concerns every voter should have in this vice presidential candidate’s objectivity in the seperation of church and state.

Please Note: The video posted with this article is silent for the first 45 seconds. Please watch it in its entirety if you are interested in hearing Mary Glazier’s claims.

“I believe in warfare. We were given an assignment in Alaska … we had the very liberal candidates running for governor, and we began to pray for God to give us a Christian,” declared Mary Glazier. At a three day religious conference held in Everett, Washington last summer, on June 13, 2008, Glazier described how, nearly two decades ago, her movement helped propel Alaska Independence Party candidate Walter J. Hickel, in an upset write-in campaign, into the Alaska governor’s office: Glazier’s new prayer group member, a 24 year old woman named Sarah Palin, would later follow.

Like Thomas Muthee, Mary Glazier describes waging personal battles against witches and witchcraft and, also like Muthee, Mary Glazier appears to have a special religious connection to Sarah Palin. Bishop Thomas Muthee, in an October 2005 ceremony at the Wasilla Assembly of God, anointed and blessed Sarah Palin as a political leader.

On June 13, 2008 Mary Glazier told attendees at the “Opening the Gate of Heaven on Earth” conference, who represented many of the New Apostolic Reformation’s top leaders, that she had been present at the inception of Sarah Palin’s political career and that Palin was in her personal prayer group :

There was a twenty-four year old woman that God began to speak to about entering into politics. She became a part of our prayer group out in Wasilla. Years later, became the mayor of Wasilla. And last year was elected Governor of the state of Alaska. Yes! Hallelujah! At her inauguration she dedicated the state to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The good news spread through New Apostolic Reformation networks:

“Sarah Palin er bønnegriger og pinsevenn!” wrote Pastor Jan-Aage Torp excitedly in a September 6, 2008 post on his blog: “Palin is a Prayer Warrior and Pentecostal!”

Pastor Torp of Oslo, Norway, is an Apostle in C. Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles, a network of about 500 apostles in the United States and 42 other nations. Torp reported in Norwegian that he had been visiting C. Peter Wagner and Wagner’s wife Doris during the previous week, at the time when Palin was named as a vice-presidential candidate. Torp noted the excitement about Palin in the media but pointed out an interesting thing he said has not received much attention in the US — that Sarah Palin is a member of the prayer networks under Peter Wagner and his Alaska prayer-leader, Mary Glazier.

Mary Glazier is one of the Prophets of Wagner’s inner circle of leadership, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. The New Apostolic Reformation is the name that Wagner has given to the structure that he formed in the late 1990s to bring together numerous strands of the “Third Wave of the Holy Spirit” into a distinct and identifiable structure. The June 13, 2008, “Opening the Gate for Heaven on Earth: Receiving the New Prophetic Wind for Increase” conference, in Everett, Washington, was attended by Wagner and his top Apostles and Prophets. Mary Glazier is the Alaska state leader of Wagner’s U.S. Strategic Prayer Network.

Sarah Palin has been anointed through the laying on of hands in at least four publicized ceremonies. Three of these have been captured on existing video or photographs — including the photographs posted on the official State of Alaska site. Currently the most widely published account is the video of the anointing by Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee at the Wasilla Assembly of God before Palin was elected governor of Alaska.

While a number of media outlets have featured stories of Muthee’s witch hunting exploits in Kiambu, Bishop Muthee is not just any witch hunter. He is internationally known for his starring role in the Transformations I video, produced in 1999, as one of the definitive media tools for the new evangelizing efforts of the Third Wave and the resulting New Apostolic Reformation.

The New Apostolic Reformation is now a distinct entity with its own theology, apostolic networks, schools, school accreditation system, conferences, and media. The Apostolic structure, as defined by Wagner, provides a network of authority or “apostolic covering.” Each of Wagner’s approximately 500 Apostles has networks of their own, some claiming hundreds or even thousands of ministries under their authority. They view themselves as conducting “the most radical restructuring of Christianity since the Reformation” and believe they are unifying an end time church that will harvest millions of souls before the return of Jesus.

The New Apostolics have developed a unique set of evangelizing tools and terms based on the concept of spiritual mapping and the expulsion of demons. This is for the specific purpose of conquering cities that are resisting the gospel due to the presence of territorial demons and generational curses. These concepts have been marketed through media and videos including the Transformations videos, produced by George Otis, Jr. of the Sentinel Group, which were developed to document what the videos claimed were successful transformations of entire communities through “spiritual warfare” and other of Wagner’s new evangelizing technologies. The videos have reinforced the ultimate in faith-based social policy arguments – that human improvement of society is not possible without the supernatural intervention of God and that this intervention can only happen when groups of “Spirit-filled” Christians unite to chase the demons out of their communities and to take authority away from those who are not “born again.”

C. Peter Wagner declared 2001 as the beginning of the New Apostolic Age, but by 1999 the movement was already coalescing around the new spiritual warfare theology presented in the Transformations video and related books. Thomas Muthee has played a key role as an example of the success that can be achieved through the expulsion of demons from communities.

This spiritual warfare was not limited to Africa. The Transformations I video also featured Almolonga, Guatemala; Cali, Colombia; and Hemet, California. In Hemet, spiritual warriors supposedly succeeded in burning down a Transcendental Meditation center through spiritual mapping and prayer. In the video, narrator George Otis and participating local ministers claim that the area was transformed when “Spirit-filled Christians” took control of the government and public schools. [See the article Palin, Muthee, and the Witch-Journalists Miss the Major Story for more on the Transformations video]. This and subsequent video productions were shown around the world and the media effort spawned a number of Transformation evangelizing conferences and networks. Transformation became a buzzword for the faith-based social programs built around the evangelizing of communities.

Transforming Melbourne is a city wide renewal group which prominently publicizes testimony of New Apostolic Prophetess Ana Mendez. Mendez participated with Wagner’s wife Doris and other top Apostles and Prophets on a 1997 mission to the Himalayas named “Operation Ice Castle.” This was a spiritual warfare venture to combat the chief of all territorial demons, the “Queen of Heaven.” Wagner would later write a bout this excursion in his books, “Confronting the Queen of Heaven,” and “The Queen’s Domain,” concerning the demon he believes is responsible for preventing acceptance of the gospel in Roman Catholic Churches as well as Islam. Mendez’s testimony of the event publicized on Transforming Melbourne, and other sites, includes her belief that their prayer expedition may have had many successful results including the death of Mother Theresa.

Glazier’s sermon, which featured her comments on Palin, was given at a conference Opening the Gate of Heaven on Earth, that also featured a number of speeches and sermons–on the plans of leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation to take control of society and government through their “Seven Mountains Strategy.” These efforts to take control of religion, family, education, arts and entertainment, media, government, and business are clearly defined in their publicity and in numerous conferences on their efforts. Thomas Muthee quite plainly laid out the need to take over the seven “kingdoms” in the short sermon, or speech, Muthee gave before the anointing of Sarah Palin.

A striking feature of the ministries of the New Apostolic Reformation is their use of militant terminology. Diane Buker, the state leader for Florida is head of a ministry titled Battle Axe Brigade. The website features an animated arm swinging a mace as well as articles claiming that Roman Catholicism and Mormonism are corrupt religious systems and that Roman Catholicism is bound by a religious spirit.

Cindy Jacobs, another Prophetic Elder, has a ministry titled Generals of Intercession and Jacobs has authored books such as Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, a Training Manual for Militant Intercession. Ana Mendez (Ferrell), a Prophetess in the Wagner Apostolic network system, believes she may have helped kill Mother Theresa.

George Otis included an entire glossary on new spiritual warfare terms in the back of his book “Informed Intercession.” Ed Kalnins of Wasilla Assembly of God and Thomas Muthee, both of whom have anointed Palin, include exhortations of violence in their sermons. Like many others in the movement they prominently feature the biblical quote “the violent take it by force” in their rhetoric on spiritual warfare.

The New Apostolic Reformation leadership claims that its militant sounding terminology only applies to spiritual warfare and not physical warfare against human beings. Apostle Tim Taylor attended the US Naval War College Strategies and Policy Course and applies this knowledge in his spiritual warfare book, “Operation Rolling Thunder.” He includes, on some of his Watchman Ministries pages, a disclaimer–that spiritual warfare must not confuse battle against demonic forces with people. But sometimes spiritual warfare becomes physical conflict, as in the case of, the old woman in Thomas Muthee’s Nairobi suburb of Kiambu, accused of witchcraft and then hounded out of town. Mary Glazier has her own witch hunting story and, like Muthee, Glazier also believes that the removal of the witch from the geographic area was required in order for the community to be transformed. “Spirit Led Woman” magazine in 2003 wrote about Glazier’s claim of chasing the witch from Alaska through spiritual warfare:

In 1995, Mary mobilized a prayer network for Alaska’s prisons and began experiencing spiritual warfare as never before. She had received word that a witch had applied for a job as chaplain of the state’s prison system … Mary recalls, “As we continued to pray against the spirit of witchcraft, her incense altar caught on fire, her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer.Ultimately, the witch fled to another state for medical treatment. Soon after, revival visited every prison in Alaska. At the women’s correctional facility in Anchorage alone, 55 of 60 inmates found Christ. “Ask largely,” Mary says. “Intercessory prayer is making a major difference in North America.”

The participants of this movement really do believe that their prayers are the cause of destruction of property and injury, or perhaps even the death, of others like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. And they do clearly profess to believe that others will be forced to accept their beliefs or be destroyed.

As Mary Glazer told Peter Wagner and the other New Apostolic Reformation leaders at the June 12-14 “Opening the Gate of Heaven on Earth” conference:

There is a tipping point, at which, at which time, because of the sin of the land, the people then have to be displaced … God is preparing a people to displace the ones whose sin is rising so that then they tip over and the church goes in – one is removed and the church moves in and takes the territory. Now, that does not mean that the people are removed, because God removes them from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. They are given an opportunity to change allegiances.

For more information on other links between Sarah Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation, see Palin and the Apostles at and the entire ongoing series of articles, Palin’s Churches and the Third Wave.

Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action, a blog specializing in faith and politics.

Is Palin a Member of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ Prayer Group?

Op-Ed: Sarah Palin’s “Christian” Values May Be Skin Deep

Award winning spirituality and ethics columnist Douglas Todd wrote an excellent op-ed for The Vancouver Sun on October 6, 2008.  In the piece, Todd consider Gov. Sarah Palin’s Christian values in light of her personal vendettas towards anyone with whom she disagrees and her vicious attacks on presidential candidate Barack Obama.

I’m afraid my earlier questions about Sarah Palin’s ethics as a self-described “Christian” are proving to have some foundation.

The ever-smiling, winking 44-year-old hockey mom added Sunday to the highly questionable things she’s done while governor of Alaska, which included pursuing vendettas, firing officials who crossed her and sometimes blurring the line between government and personal grievance.

Even London’s conservative Telegraph newspaper seems appalled at the way Palin on Sunday attacked Barack Obama for “paling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” It’s as if her us-against-them mentality frees her to release whatever outrageous statement she wants, regardless of its adherence to important facts.

Saying the “gloves are off” (presumably hockey gloves), Palin’s “terrorist” attack was a reference to Obama once being a member of a Chicago charitable group which also counted as a member William Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground.

Palin launched her misguided missile even though Ayers was last active in the radical group during the presidential candidate’s childhood, i.e. when Obama was eight years old. Ayers has also long since disavowed his activities with the Weather Underground.

But that didn’t stop Palin from saying of Obama: “This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America.”

This is coming close to hate speech, to demonizing someone as the frightening “Other.” There also seems to be a subconscious suggestion that a black man is not really an American, but that’s open to interpretation. At the least, it’s the kind of vicious innuendo you hear on American right-wing “hate” radio, which seems to be overpresent in a land where many believe free speech should not be restrained by reason or civility.

As a Christian who supposedly believes in loving your neighbour as yourself, Palin might want to question this dark part of her personality. It seems the opposite of what Jesus of Nazareth would have done. Jesus was known for embracing outsiders, people whom others scorned. Here is Palin leading the mocking and ostracism. Her fellow evangelicals might want to have a heart-to-heart with her.

The Obama campaign responded on Sunday that Palin’s attack was part of a smear campaign and “gutter politics,” while other supporters suggested that the McCain campaign was merely trying to distract voters from the economy, on which Obama is deemed by many to be more competent, according to opinion polls.

Palin’s attack on Obama also came on the same day it was announced that seven Alaskan government staff are now willing to testify in the so-called Troopergate investigation, in which Palin is accused of having an official fired because he refused to fire her former trooper brother-in-law.

Sarah Palin’s “Christian” Values May Be Skin Deep

New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Rape kits are used to investigate sexual assault crimes

Rape kits are used to investigate sexual assault crimes

Although the subject of Wasilla Alaska rape victims having to pay for their own medical exams was previous explored here on the Sarah Palin Truth Squad, this additional report further clarifies Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s character and actual knowledge of the practice during her administration as Wasilla’s mayor.   Detailing yet another one of Gov. Palin’s untruths, as reported on the Huffington Post by Jacob Alperin-Sheriff on September 11, 2008, this in-depth evidence speaks directly to the issue of this candidate’s honesty as a government official entrusted with the welfare of the citizens and her sense compassion as a human being.

The Palin rape kit billing controversy has made its way from OfftheBus all the way to CNN. In her story on the controversy, Jessica Yellin claimed to have found no evidence in city records that Sarah Palin was aware that sexual assault victims were being billed for forensic testing. However, recently released budget documents show that Sarah Palin directly shifted the cost of the rape kits from the police department to the victim in her budget for fiscal year 2000. Given that the CNN article quotes a former city council member as saying “Palin would review each department’s budget line by line,” even if an underling wrote up the actual budget, she knew about the funding shift, and still signed off on the budget.Under Sarah Palin’s administration, Wasilla cut funds that had previously paid for the medical exams and began charging victims or their health insurers the $500 to $1200 fees. Although Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella wrote USA Today that the GOP vice presidential nominee “does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test…To suggest otherwise is a deliberate misrepresentation of her commitment to supporting victims and bringing violent criminals to justice.” However, the evidence from Wasilla’s budget records says otherwise.

The mayor of Wasilla before Sarah Palin, John C. Stein, was also a Republican, though the office was and continues to be non-partisan. Mayor Stein was defeated by Sarah Palin in a campaign that brought in the NRA, Republican partisans, and various dirty tricks, including a possible whisper campaign that Mayor Stein was Jewish (he is a Christian, but is “proud of such a reputation”). He now runs the Sitka Sound Science Center, a marine research facility in Sitka, Alaska.

Mayor Stein told OffTheBus that he didn’t “think victims were billed while [he] was mayor,” but that he wasn’t certain. He did mention that “Wasilla participated in establishing a Sexual Assault Response Team to set-up a one-stop forensic exam room for victims,” evidence of a pro-victim police department. In order to confirm his assertion about the billing policy, he recommended I contact current police chief Angella Long for confirmation. She did not return my request for comment.

However, I was able to eventually track down Irl Stambaugh, police chief of Wasilla from the founding of the department until Sarah Palin fired him for “not fully supporting her efforts to govern.” Stambaugh sued for breach of contract, but lost when a federal judge ruled that “police chiefs serve at the behest of the mayor unless otherwise specified.” He later served as the executive director of the Alaska Police Standards Council.

It turns out that Wasilla did not bill sexual assault victims for the cost of rape exams while Irl Stambaugh was chief of police. As chief, he had included a line item in the budget to pay for the cost of such exams. He had only just heard about the Mayor Palin/Chief Fannon policy today, and was just as shocked to hear about it as I was.

In an earlier piece, I had mistakenly said that the exams were covered under a general “contingency” funding. In fact, the department’s first full-year budget, for fiscal year 1994 (July 1, 1993-June 30, 1994), included a line item specifically to pay for medical examinations. This line item was denoted “contractual services”, and was described on page G-26 of that budget (available in this PDF on page 42) as covering “costs for medical blood tests for intoxicated drivers & medical exam/evidence collection for sexual assaults.” As a member of the city council at the time, Palin was required to read and approve this budget. The contractual services line item was more succinctly described in the 1995 and 1996 budgets as “costs for medical blood tests or exams as required for evidence.”

Starting with the last budget under Mayor John Stein, the FY97 budget (July 1, 1996-June 30, 1997), the line item explanations became less detailed, with the explanation for the “contractual services” line item for several departments combined into one. The explanation reads “Contractual Services/General-medical testing, road maintenance, equipment rental, airport snow removal.” A table below lists the allocations and spending for the “contractual services” line item from FY94-FY99 (the budgets for the italicized years were submitted by John Stein; the others by Sarah Palin)

Fiscal Year

Police Department Contractual Services Line Item





















For FY 2000, however (July 1st, 1999-June 30th, 2000), only $1,000 was allocated for the “contractual services” police department line item. Note that page A-1 of the budget (available here) states that “the Wasilla city council hereby adopts the operating budget for the Fiscal Year 2000, as presented by the Mayor and introduced on April 26, 1999.” At the bottom of this page is Sarah Palin’s signature.

The actual line-item showing the cut in funds allocated for contractual services can be found on page F-28. The line item index confirming that this line-item still referred to “medical testing, road maintenance, equipment rental, airport snow removal” can be found on page H-5 of the line-item index for fiscal year 2000 (available here).

Of the insufficient $1,000 allocated, only $152 had been used by December 31st, 1999, according to data from the FY2001 budget. That budget was “submitted by Mayor Sarah Palin” on April 24, 2000. At this time, the bill banning the “victim pays” policy was under consideration in the state House, and as a result, this budget included the FY99-level $4,000 allocation for “contractual services,” and starting in June of 2000, the city began paying for the exams again. The interesting thing about the $152 spent during that 6-month time period (there were probably 5 sexual assaults reported during that period) is that it was not even enough to cover a single rape kit, using the $300-$1,200 range given by the original Frontiersman article. Perhaps Fannon was still using the fund for intermittent DWI blood testing, which had skyrocketed as a result of his decision to shift back bar closing times to 5 a.m. from the 2 a.m. closing time set by former Police Chief Irl Stambaugh.

The budget document for the 1999-2000 fiscal year includes a budget message by Mayor Sarah Palin. According to item A.6 of Section 2.16.020 of the Wasilla Municipal Code, the mayor must “repare and submit an annual budget and capital improvement program for consideration by the council, and execute the budget and capital program as adopted.” This message ends as follows:

Though change is sometimes initially unsettling (and in the Woodrow Wilson: “if you want to make enemies, try to change something.”) It is Administration’s desire that this budget format be viewed objectively. I look forward to council discussions and continued input from our residents on the budget as we mindfully prioritize the public’s dollars to plan, construct and improve our vital infrastructure.

At the end of the letter, under the words “Sincerely,” is the signature of Sarah Palin. The McCain/Palin campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

The Obama/Biden campaign theme is “change we can believe in.” Given Governor Palin’s own words and actions in this budget, perhaps the McCain/Palin campaign’s theme ought to be “change that is unsettling.”


New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams