Palin’s Father Insinuates Sarah Uncomfortable Around Asians

Chuck Heath, father of Sarah Palin.

Chuck Heath, father of Sarah Palin.

Based on recent comments from her father, it appears that Asian Americans are partly responsible for Sarah Palin‘s spotty undergraduate career. Palin’s father suggested that she left her first school in Hawaii, ultimately attending four different colleges before graduating, because there were too many Asians in the tropical paradise. Which made her uncomfortable. Apparently, Palin felt much more comfortable studying in Idaho.

Learning this about Palin doesn’t surprise me in the least. Maybe she couldn’t make out all those Asian Americans in Hawaii from looking outside her window in Alaska.

I had heard about “white flight” from Asian Americans before, where white families moved to nearby suburbs to avoid their Asian neighbors, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone flying 3,000 miles away from a tropical paradise to live in a population that’s 97 percent white. I just looked this up, and it’s a six-hour flight to Idaho. Wow Sarah, Asians must really terrify you.

I hope Americans like Palin can learn to resolve their disturbing attitudes toward Asian Americans. Interestingly, Palin’s husband, Todd, is part-Asian from his Yup’ik heritage. Not that he’s representative of most Native Alaskans. I just learned that there’s allegedly rampant discrimination against Native Alaskans, who are even called Arctic Arabs. Palin’s attitudes may be a reflection of her upbringing or environment. Either way, it goes without saying that many Asian Americans are glad that Palin and John “g–k hater” McCain aren’t running the ship right now.


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