Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Going Book Tourin’, Going Into Obscurity

Sarah Palin: Heading into Obscurity Anytime Soon? We can only hope.

The most exciting event of our time is coming and I can hardly wait. The day everyone has been waiting for will be here on Nov. 17. Going Rogue, Sarah Palin’s great American novel will finally arrive! Bring out the champagne. Let’s all have a book party. This is THE event of the century.

Even before the first copy is released, Going Rogue is outselling other women of equal intellect and accomplishments. A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton is down in the numbers . Palin is way ahead of The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice, by Sandra Dey O’Connor. Not even that amazingly accomplished Paris Hilton: Life on the Edge, can match Palin’s literary success.

Here she is, folks. The Lady of the Year, the Maverick to end all Maverick’s, the new leader of the Republican Party in skirts. What a woman! What an amazing role model for all ambitious young women everywhere . Especially those who want to rise to fame and fortune based on their charm and their wit, and their ability to manipulate the conservative right like nothing ever before.

Let’s all hail the almighty Palin. Parodied by Tina Fey, ridiculed by those nasty men in the media, insulted by none other than David Letterman and not once did she ever lose sight of her number 1 goal:

To appear on the Oprah Winphrey show.

What a success. Preaching to the masses on the virtues of abstinence, yet somehow forgetting to mention this to her own daughter. Sarah Palin, a well- read woman who immersed herself in so many publications, she couldn’t name a single one. A superhero with the ability to use her telescopic vision to see Russia from her porch in Alaska, and shoot a moose dead at 100 yards. What a gal!

She is a political celebrity, there is no doubt. She is an instant best selling author of a book that Amazon thought so highly, they’ve already discounted it down from the retail price of $28.99 to $9.00! Such a deal. Wait a few days, the used copies will be even less.

Will Sarah run in 2012? Of course she will. With John McCain as her running mate. She will be elected by a landslide and two months later, she’ll quit and finally McCain will realize his life-long dream.

If all it takes in this day and age to be elected President is to write a best-seller, then Richard Castle will be the next Presidential candidate. “Heat Wave” is selling like a, well heat wave. Too bad the author is a fictional character from a television show.

The one thing we can all say about Sarah Palin, as much as we would love for her to go away, we are all fascinated by the fact that she refuses to do so.

Sarah Palin. Going Rougue today, going on a book tour tomorrow and hopefully going into obscurity eventually.

Robin Westmiller


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