Remember Sarah, Confucius Says “Before You Embark on a Journey of Revenge, Dig Two Graves.”


Sarah Palin, Andrew Halcro, left, and Tony Knowles were questioned by Larry Persily in a November 2006 debate in Alaska.

Alaskan Republican Andrew Halcro, the former Alaska State Representative and well regarded political blogger is none too pleased with Sarah Palin‘s poisonous arrows aimed at him (and many, many others) in her new book “Going Rogue.”  On his blog today Halcro, a no-nonsense politician who recently stated his intention to challenge Representative Don Young in the upcoming 2010 Republican primary, sent Sarah Palin a clear warning as to how the inaccuracies throughout “Going Rogue” may be dealt with by those personally attacked.

BTW, checkout the video clip of Andrew Halcro, Sarah Palin and Tony Knowles debating each other on the issue of abortion back in November 2, 2006.  Observe how very different Halcro, Knowles and Palin answer the question on what they would advise their own daughter(s) to do in the case of a pregnancy as a result of rape.  Palin is smiling, her reply is unemotional and almost cheerful, while Halcro and Knowles each give thoughtful, sensitive responses.

Sarah Palin Truth Squad


November 16, 2009: On Friday after they received an advance copy of Sarah Palin’s new book, the Associated Press called me to get a response from the two hundred plus words that Alaska’s former 1/2 term governor dedicated to me.

My favorite passage as read to me by Rachel D’Oro at the AP was when Palin referred to me as an “effete chap.”

An effete chap? Who am I, Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby?

And by the way, when did Palin start using 17th century Latin in her dialogue?

According to the brief excerpts I’ve heard, the book seems like it’s less about her and more about blaming everybody around her for all of her short comings. From her lack of intelligence to the word getting out about her pregnant daughter, no matter what the problem or criticism, it’s always somebody elses fault and never hers.

This in and of itself is rich in irony.

After all, how many real rogues complain about being hemmed in by the actions of others?

Isn’t that the antithesis of a rogue?

However, once the book is on the street beginning Tuesday, those throughout Palin’s 413 page pity party that suffer the wild blows of her imagination will come forward with guns blazing to refute the revisionist history Palin has penned.

From the brief passages that Palin has written about me in her book, the terms unmitigated lies, narcissistic delusions and libel came to mind first.

Obviously she never learned the timely Confucius warning:

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Beginning Tuesday…the people whom Palin has attacked in her book will start reaching for their own shovels.

Andrew Halcro


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