Hillary Clinton vs Sarah Palin? Not in Our Lifetime

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Our Capitolist friend Pat Murphy reports that Hillary Clinton has effectively posted a notice to PUMAs, and to the rest of us, she’s not running for president ever again. In effect saying she’s already a big girl in a big job and feels very comfortable with the way things have turned out (“maybe it’s a woman thing“), the past first lady and former U.S. senator told Ann Curry on NBC’s “Today Show” she will let the job of secretary of state be her career capstone.

Frankly ladies, I’m sad to hear it. Given her age (and my own — we’re both in our early 60’s), I feel confident that her refusal is ironclad and, if we were closer, I’d tell her she’s right to conserve her longevity. But I do hate to abandon the notion of a Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin matchup in some future political girl team dream playoff game.
Although I did feel a regional swelling when the Minnesota Twins of my mid-20th Century youth were briefly in the running to play a World Series last week, the pursuits of political campaigns are much more my kind of competitive action.

The idea of a contest in which both tickets are led by women would present the feminist political pageantry of a lifetime and, if Hillary had been able to endure, it could have happened in the remaining couple of good decades we actuarially share. As it is, the day that both political parties field a female candidate in the same presidential election remains pretty far off in our country’s unlived history.

Fortunately, in the meantime, whether or not Mrs. Palin is persuaded to take on her party’s ticket, lots of smart, post-feminism women are filling the benches in state legislatures, governors’ offices, the U.S. Senate, and as has always been, where we belong — in the House.

Bonnie Goldstein
Politics Daily


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