Cover Photo for Sarah Palin Memoir Was Last-Minute Choice

The "Going Rogue" book cover photos Sarah Palin turned down.

The "Going Rogue" book cover photos Sarah Palin turned down.

John Keatley, who photographed Sarah Palin for the cover of her upcoming memoir, wrote on his blog that he spent three days shooting the former governor before, at the last minute, he snapped the image the publisher eventually selected. The outtakes, published by Gawker, all show Palin smiling directly at the camera and posing in front of various scenic views in Alaska.

“The last day we went to Hatcher Pass, which holds a lot of meaning for Sarah,” Keatley wrote. “After shooting at the base of the pass near a river, we caravaned up to the top of the pass where we were planning to shoot the final location. Half way up, I noticed the beautiful light that was sweeping across the valley, and the clouds that were developing on the horizon. I told the driver to stop, we had to change our plans. This last minute change ended up being the final setup we would do with Sarah, and it also ended up being the cover image.”

Hatcher Pass is in the Talkeetna Mountains in southern Alaska, with an elevation of 3,886 feet. It is a short drive from Wasilla, Palin’s hometown.

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on this project,” Keatley wrote. “It is not very often that an assignment comes along to photograph one of the most polarizing figures in our country. Let alone the chance to photograph that person for her book cover.”

David Sessions
Politics Daily


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