Levi Johnston Does It With Protection (VIDEO)

Levi Johnston is in a television commercial as part of a nutty new national advertising campaign, launching today, is challenging Americans to pick up their pistachios and “Get Crackin.'”  The $15 million Wonderful Pistachios campaign is the first campaign for the category and features eight celebrity figures demonstrating how they crack open a pistachio, each in their own unique, light-hearted way, through a series of commercials airing on national prime-time programming.  The commercials will air on top-rated shows including Monday Night Football, Saturday Night Live and The Office.

The series of eight “Get Crackin'” commercials include the one featuring Levi Johnston:

  • Now, Levi Johnston Does it with Protection. As Levi and his bodyguard Tank make a Hollywood-style entrance complete with paparazzi.  Tank Jones, Levi’s real life bodyguard, assesses the situation and surroundings, then motions for Levi that it’s safe for him to do his thing – crack open a pistachio and flash the cameras a winning smile.

Levi’s commercial is part of Wonderful Pistachio ad campaign to help the pistachio industry recover from a nationwide recall due to salmonella poisoning earlier this year.


One response to “Levi Johnston Does It With Protection (VIDEO)

  1. It is disgusting to do a commercial like this. Taking advantage of a situation Levi and Bristol are in. Luckily, Sarah Palin would not stoop this low. She is pure of heart and Sarah would not even write a book.


    Somebody just told me she did.

    I am wrong!


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