John McCain Sweating Out Sarah Palin’s Upcoming Book (Video)

Sen. John McCain ought to be pretty nervous about the revelations to come in Sarah Palin‘s upcoming memoir.

The million-dollar question:

How far will Palin go in blasting not just McCain’s staff — which everyone expects, given how badly it treated Palin — but the presidential candidate himself?

Palin could have plenty of campaign-trail stories to tell about McCain. And this is actually the kind of inside politics that could be interesting for the general public to see.

Did McCain try to get Palin to back off being the main spokeswoman for the ticket, especially after the vice presidential pick re-energized the party in late summer of 2008?

How much did McCain and his staff control what Palin said in her speeches and, if so, what parts did he want her to go soft on?

And how did McCain treat Palin in private after all her nationally televised gaffes — like a running mate or like someone who wasn’t really qualified to be vice president?

When asked about Palin’s memoir on Thursday, McCain told NBC:

“The part I’m looking forward to most is the part where it energized our campaign and her selection put us ahead in the polls.”

“The part I am looking forward to least is some of the disagreements that took place within the campaign.”

Ah, but that’s the part the public is really looking forward to reading. At least the more liberal, Democratic-leaning part of the public.

Yael T. Abouhalkah
Kansas City Star


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