Theory on Sarah Palin’s Pregnancy Deception

Levi Johnston kissing Trig Palin who is being held by Bristol Palin.

Levi Johnston kissing Trig Palin who is being held by Bristol Palin.

The following theory was posted by a reader on both the Palingates and The Immoral Minority.  Much of the pertinent details outlined have previously been covered in numerous articles and blogs over the past year.  The comment, posted by Susan in MD, connects the dots as to how former Alaska governor Sarah Palin may have faked her ‘last’ pregnancy in order to better her chances of being chosen as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate.

This would certainly explain Levi Johnston’s assertions in Vanity Fair that Sarah Palin heavily pressured him and Bristol Palin to give up their ‘baby’ [does Levi ever mention the baby’s name?] to Sarah and Todd Palin for adoption before John McCain selected a VP.

Sarah Palin Truth Squad.

I posted this over at Palingates. Just one of many who, I’m sure, have lots of thoughts on this!

I think I “get it” now. Sarah pressured Levi and Bristol to give up Trig to her and Todd for adoption, so that she could progress her career (at that point, she already knew she was on the short list of McCain choices). Even though they repeatedly did not consent, her arrogance led her to prepare for the deception by taking Bristol out of school and the wearing of scarves beginning in (Jan/Feb – I forget when the first date was). For Sarah it was an easy “just in case” move. It is no stretch of the imagination that Sarah felt her “power” and “influence” would win out here. The uncertainty of the situation does explain her actions, where she did not come right out and wear that empathy belly. Better to disguise, so that people could accept the “possibility” of a pregnancy.

So she continued to pressure the kids. On the day McCain was announced (3/4), Sarah went into panic mode. She forced the situation by announcing the next day, to the Alaska press, that she and Todd were expecting. She did this solely to preserve her chances of being chosen by McCain as the VP pick. (If she had not, and her underage daughter had a baby out of wedlock, she would have been a much less attractive candidate). Think about the fight she and Bristol had in the fall of 2007 when she was banished to her Aunt’s and subsequently kept out of school for 5 months. Bristol had no say in that. Sarah was making her plans, whether Bristol liked it or not.

There are accounts from sources who say that her announcement on 3/5 enraged Bristol. I do not believe that anything else happened other than Sarah “forcing” those kids to give that child to her for adoption. I am sure she made all sorts of promises, possibly threats, as well. One thing I do wonder, though, is whether or not they knew the child had DS at that time? If, as many speculate, Trig was born in Jan/Feb, that would of course mean that was already knowledge to them, and Sarah may have forced the situation even more (much more leverage on her part, having that knowledge). But I do believe, whatever the timeline, that she did “coerce” them into giving Trig up. The April 18th presentation date and the wild ride must have coincided with either a hospital release date for Trig or possibly, a threat from Bristol. Either way, something told them to beat feet home that day. To be sure, the pics that were on Sadie’s FB page are of a much younger Trig than the Trip presented on 4/18 – and that’s a fact.

This makes sense on so many levels and upon examining so many of the statements and known facts. It also explains why Bristol, angry at her mother, got pregnant again immediately. Those two young people, who probably have very good, albeit naive, intentions, are living in a tightly wound world. Imagine what they would have to accept if they came forward with the whole truth? You can only imagine the choices they have to make to try and figure out the “best” life for themselves and their children. Neither have any ability to make an income.

Well, that’s my theory. The cat is certainly out of the bag now. The dam, which had a very narrow crack in it, has now belched a huge gasp of water and the pressure will only build from here. While I feel that Sarah should be exposed for the fraud that she is, I feel bad for the rest of that family, who will most certainly end up being collateral damage.

Susan in MD

The Immoral Minority


One response to “Theory on Sarah Palin’s Pregnancy Deception

  1. Levi Johnston is a grim and ominous reminder of all that might have been….

    “President Gidget von Braun”

    Can you even imagine?

    “The America that I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on subjective judgment, of their “level of productivity in society”, whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

    Sarah Palin
    from her Fascism….I mean, “Facebook” page.

    It’s amazing. That an imbecile like this failed ex-governor can mention something as idiotic as “Death Panels” and in the next instance it is a serious part of the national dialogue. Why are the American people so susceptible to such blatant propaganda? I have a theory if you’re interested in hearing it:

    We’re idiots.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the Sarah Palin/Levi Johnson saga/soap opera. And to think that only one year ago, the geniuses on the Republican National Committee deemed her to be the best choice to be “a seventy-two-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency”.

    Are you surprised that the “party of Lincoln” is imploding? Are you stunned that America has become the laughingstock of the industrialized world? You shouldn’t be. You really shouldn’t.

    Tom Degan, Goshen, NY

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