Gov. Palin’s Supreme Pick Shows Conservative Split, But Not Breakup

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin likes to describe herself as a “maverick:” a politician who follows no party line. Her performance as the Republican vice-presidential candidate last year had some wondering if that were true – she did, after all, build herself around an ardently conservative ideology, often taking on tried and true enemies, like “activist judges.”

Now that she’s back in Alaska, where she’s Governor, Palin’s made a small break from the right-wing camp and appointed Morgan Christen as the state’s latest Supreme Court Justice. Not only is Christen the second female Justice in the state’s history, reports the LA Times, she’s also decidedly progressive and served on Planned Parenthood’s board back in the 1990s, an association that already has Palin’s allies crying foul.

Jim Minnery, who heads the pro-life Alaska Family Council, described Christen as “very conservative” and insisted she’ll be “another activist on the court,” according to Life News. For her part, Palin insists Christen’s the right woman for the job, “Alaska’s Supreme Court bears the awesome responsibility of ensuring that our court system administers justice in firm accordance with the principles laid down in our state Constitution,” read the Govenor’s official statement.

“I have every confidence that Judge Christen has the experience, intellect, wisdom and character to be an outstanding Supreme Court justice.

This potentially progressive choice doesn’t mean Palin’s intent on siding with the so-called left: the Governor broke with state tradition this week when she apparently eschewed Alaska’s Democratic party nominees to replace state Sen. Kim Elton, who this week became the Obama administration’s head of Alaska Relations.

It’s tradition for the Governor to ask the outgoing Senator’s party for a suggestion, reported the Miami Herald. The Democrats offered up state Rep. Beth Kerttula, who has in the past been critical of Palin, and the Governor’s now asking interested Alaskans Alto send in their own applications. Considering they’re qualified, of course.

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