Sarah Palin Smart to Bow Out of CPAC Appearance

By Robert Schlesinger, US News & World Report

Could Sarah Palin be taking my advice?

(Sure, genius; she’s the one that keeps interrupting your calls from President Obama.)

I’ve written before that if Palin has any sense, she’ll eschew the national spotlight for a year or two, focus on being governor, and learn the issues.

My colleague Paul Bedard reported this week that despite initial indications to the contrary, Palin will not be appearing at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference here in the D.C. area at the end of this month. Conservative leaders are bummed, but I think it’s a smart move for Palin. She’ll do better being popular and elusive, for the moment, than by overexposing herself.

Of course, slipping poll numbers in Alaska might also have prompted her to focus on state business.


One response to “Sarah Palin Smart to Bow Out of CPAC Appearance

  1. Sarah Palin didn’t “choose” not to go – she was forced to stay!

    Sorry to disappoint the author, but NO, Gov Palin was not listening to you. She has major troubles at home that don’t have a thing to do with her actually wanting to govern. Her husband slapped with contempt charge, a fairly hostile Legislature was taking her hand picked AG to task for bad advice to subpoenaed witnesses, and rumors fly in Wasilla that Levi has impregnated another young woman. She threw her AG under the bus in exchange for a back room deal promise that the Legislature would let Troopergate lie, but sorry Gov Palin! We Alaskans footed the bill for the Troopergate investigation, and if Legislators keep getting requests from constituents who want this played out to end, then that’s the way it will be. She also has a rural Alaska crisis which she has ignored completely and is being heavily criticized by Alaskans and non-Alaskans alike for not only ignoring the issue, but lying about what she has done to help. She is NOT having a good week. Also Palin wouldn’t leave AK when hubby is in the Iron Dog – too many photo ops!

    She needs to stay home and tend to Alaska and the controversies and issues at hand. Unfortunately I know that she has pulled the wool over the eyes of many who see her as a heroine riding in on a tame moose – but she’s tricking them all the same way she tricked most Alaskans. I detest saying “I told you so” so I hope I don’t have the opportunity to say that out loud. She’s for Sarah Palin and no one else – including her family. But thanks to some dedicated lawmakers and citizens, she might have to actually pretend to care about Alaska for a couple more months.

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