Naomi Wolf Warns of Fascist Police State Tactics Used AGAINST American Citizens (Videos)

Author Naomi Wolf at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival

Author Naomi Wolf at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival

Below is a three-part video interview with American political consultant Naomi Wolf, author of “Give Me Liberty” and “the Beauty Myth,” given October 4, 2008 on Mind Over Matters, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle.  The accusations Ms. Wolf raises are extremely disturbing and presented here for the American public to consider and personally investigate.  Hopefully, if we have a fair presidential election with a positive outcome the ominous concerns Naomi Wolf warns of will never come to pass and that any transgressions on America’s liberties which have occurred with the Bush administration will be corrected during the new presidential administration.  Just additional issues for Americans to consider when they go to vote … do we really want four more years of the same?

Also included is the video of Rep. Brad Sherman speaking before Congress referred to in the first segment.

Video of journalist Amy Goodman being arrested at the Republican National Convention, even though she was wearing her Republican Press Pass to attend the Convention, and the video of the subsequent press conference by St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington, with questions from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

Here below is a CNN News video on blockage of an $11 billion Senate Bill which would have benefited thousands of Americans, yet we have $10 billion a month to spend on the Iraq war?  It’s amazing to think of all the good which could have done right here at home for the American taxpayers, instead of wasting that money on the Iraq war.


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