Natalie Portman: Have ‘The Talk’ for Obama with Your Parents & Grandparents

Check out the great new video from Natalie Portman encouraging young people to go talk to their parents and grandparents about voting for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on November 4th (or BEFORE ~ Vote Early!!).

The Obama campaign just rolled out a new YouTube video with Natalie Portman rallying young Americans. But she’s not asking them to vote for Obama.

Instead, the campaign tapped Portman to push young people who already support Obama to press their parents to do the same. It’s part of a larger effort by the Obama campaign, “The Talk,” that aims to turn its sizable edge among young voters into a persuasion machine.

“Are you sure if your parents are voting for Obama?,” asks the campaign pitch. “If not, you may be the only person who can convince them.” There’s a website with videos, policy information and tips especially for parental outreach:

  • Think about their perspective. If they are Republican, or are concerned about Barack’s policies, think about where they are coming from and what makes them think the way that they do.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute — it might take a few conversations for you to convince them, so start as early as possible.
  • Portman recorded her video in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she stumped for Obama and had “the talk” with her grandmother.

    Natalie Portman: Have ‘The Talk’ for Obama


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