Sarah Palin’s Fashion Victimized On YouTube

The only flaw in Bill Kristol’s masterplan of transforming Alaska Governor Sarah Palin into America’s Next Top Neo-Con Handpuppet was the fact that they couldn’t very well drag her around the campaign trail wearing snowmobile sportswear and parkas stained with the viscera of freshly slain wolves. So, the RNC went out and spent a handful of Joes The Plumber at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue to replace Palin’s Wasilla Main Street wardrobe with some more upscale, elitist togs. The RNC says that after the campaign is over, that the clothing will be seized and donated to charity or sold on eBay along with the Straight Talk Aero-Gyro, at a loss.

Right now, on Fox, the pretty blonde anchorlady (I realize that this is all Fox anchorladies) is incredulously suggesting that ALL PEOPLE NEED NICE CLOTHES TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Exactly! Doesn’t Palin deserve a WARDROBE BAILOUT to replace her subprime pantsuits?

Anyway, these are things you already know, but adding insult to injury, here’s a video that ties Palin to radical underground disco-terrorists Right Said Fred.


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