Palin Seeks Campaign Cash Off ‘SNL’ appearance; Whines About Obama

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaks at a rally in Dover, N.H.

Gov. Sarah Palin speaks at a rally in Dover, N.H.

As the presidential race progresses, GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin continues to whine about Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s ability to run more campaign advertising than she and Senator John McCain.  Gov. Palin feels this advantage is not fair to her ticket because of the limited public financing John McCain accepted earlier in the race.  Seems like sour grapes as Sen. McCain and his staff knew exactly what could happen when they made their decision to accept the General Election Public Financing because McCain was having a difficult time raising funds.  Remember our mothers always said ‘you made your bed, now you have to lay in it.’

In a “Dear Supporter” email, Sarah Palin is trying today to parlay her cameo on “Saturday Night Live” into more money for John McCain’s combined effort with the Republican National Committee.

“If you caught my guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have seen an ad or two (or twenty) from Senator Obama’s campaign,” Palin writes in the fund-raising appeal. “This barrage of advertising is adding up to the most expensive negative ad buy in political history. And these ads are funded with the nearly $200 million the Obama campaign and the DNC raised in September. With this new money, they’ll only step up their media buying efforts to flood every network with ads attacking our shared values. These ads are full of inaccurate information designed to mislead voters in key media markets.”

While McCain can’t raise campaign cash directly because he accepted $84 million in public money for the general election, supporters can give to the RNC fund that is helping McCain.

“The current media buying gap is a direct result of Senator Obama’s broken pledge to accept public financing. This summer, Senator Obama chose to break his promise to the American people by opting out of the public financing system. But, you can be sure that our entire team will honor all of the promises we make in this campaign because we are men and women of our word,” Palin says.

Palin Seeks Campaign Cash Off ‘SNL’ appearance


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