A Tale of Two Press Conferences: Gov. Sarah Palin Praises Walt Monegan on Tackling Bootlegging; Criticizes Lack of Action 2 Weeks Later?!?! Complete Coverage by Alaska KTVA CBS 11 News

In a report by Alaska KTVA CBS 11 News which aired in August 2008, (BEFORE Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was chosen by GOP presidential candidate John McCain as his running mate), the issue of Gov. Palin making two contradictory public statements regarding the firing of the Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, within a TWO WEEK timeframe is examined.

When Governor Sarah Palin spoke at an August 13th press conference in an effort to address allegations of Walt Monegan’s wrongful termination and pressure by Palin, family and staff members for Monegan to fire Palin’s former brother-in-law, she gave the following reason for his termination:

“I was concerned also that we were not doing enough on continuing alcohol abuse issues that I wanted to see tackled, including the bootlegging issues out in rural Alaska.”

However, just two weeks before the second press conference, Governor Sarah Palin told reporters on July 17 that she had offered Walt Monegan the job as Director of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, just six days AFTER firing him on July 11th.

“I recognize that Walt’s interests and strengths certainly could be put to good use as he could concentrate exclusively on a couple of issues that were his interests – that being bootlegging and alcohol problems in rural Alaska.”

In a poll conducted by KTVA 11 News, 87.84% of Alaskan respondents believed that Gov. Sarah Pain was lying about inappropriate telephone calls regarding Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten (Palin’s ex-brother-in-law) in the ‘Troopergate’ scandal, leading to the wrongful termination of Walt Monegan.


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