Alaska GOP Lawmakers Sue to Stop ’Troopergate’ Probe of Palin

As reported on September 16, 2008 by the Associated Press, a lawsuit was filed in Anchorage Superior Court by five Republican lawmakers seeking to end the investigation into Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s termination of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, allegedly for failing to fire her former brother-in-law, Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten.  ~ Sarah Palin Truth Squad

Five Republican state lawmakers filed suit today to end the bipartisan investigation into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of the public safety commissioner even though the vice presidential candidate once said she welcomed the probe into allegations of abuse of power.

The lawsuit called the investigation “unlawful, biased, partial and partisan.” None of the lawmakers who filed the suit in Anchorage Superior Court serves on the bipartisan Legislative Council that unanimously approved the investigation.

The scandal known as “Troopergate” gained national attention after Republican presidential candidate John McCain chose Palin as his running mate. Since then, Palin and the McCain campaign have sought to distance Palin from the controversy and have taken actions that could slow its resolution until after the November election.

Palin fired public safety commissioner Walt Monegan in July. Weeks later, it emerged that Palin, her husband, Todd, and several high-level staffers had contacted Monegan about state trooper Mike Wooten, who had gone through a nasty divorce from Palin’s sister before Palin became governor. While Monegan says no one from the administration ever told him directly to fire Wooten, he says their repeated contacts made it clear they wanted Wooten gone.

Palin maintains that she fired Monegan over budget disagreements, not because he wouldn’t dismiss her ex-brother-in-law. Still, she said in July that she’d welcome and cooperate with the investigation ordered by the Legislative Council. “Hold me accountable,” she had said.

Alaska GOP lawmakers sue to stop ’Troopergate’ probe of Palin


Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and his Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and his Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


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