Track Palin Deploys to Iraq Amidst Controversy

Track Palin will make a stop in Kuwait where his mother, Sarah Palin visited troops, before beginning his service in Iraq.

Track Palin will make a stop in Kuwait where his mother, Sarah Palin visited troops, before beginning his service in Iraq.

The eldest son of Alaskan governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was deployed to serve the United States in Iraq earlier this week.

Exactly one year after enlisting in the United States Army, Track Palin flew to Kuwait on the seventh anniversary of the attacks of 9/11.

Recently, however, rumors have arisen as to Track Palin’s motivation for joining the United States Army.

It was reported Monday by the 1080 KUDO radio station out of Anchorage that Track Palin was involved in a 2005 school bus vandalization in Wasilla, Alaska, Governor Palin’s hometown.

While rumors are independently unsubstantiated, it is widely reported that Palin was given the choice between military service or incarceration.

Regardless of his motivation, Track Palin will be serving his country in the ongoing war in Iraq.

Track will spend a few weeks in Kuwait for an inurement period before being shipped to the Diyala province of Iraq.

As a member of the 1-1 Bravo Company, 52nd Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division (known also as the Arctic Wolves) Track has been stationed in Fort Wainright, Alaska for much of the time since his enlistment.

While some favor the child of a ranking government official serving his country overseas, others think that the situation could lead to a change in United States cooperation with terrorists if the young Palin were to become a prisoner of war.

“America doesn’t cooperate with terrorists, and it could change our whole policy because of who she (Gov. Palin) is,” said Jonathan Winfield, a third-year active duty cadet at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C.

The young Palin is set to face a difficult tour of duty in the Eastern Iraq Diyala Governorate. Though troop casualties are down since the surge, Diyala still has a large Sunni presence and is one of the more volatile regions in Iraq.

Without question, the decision by Palin to enlist for an active duty role is brave, and one that could have easily been avoided had he, or his mother, wanted him to stay home.

“His mom is the Governor of Alaska,” stated Winfield. “She could have said no, and his service is a sign of his commitment to his country.”

Dustyn Winder
Tennessee Journalist


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