Palin Backstab? Commissioner Praised Then Fired

In an ABC News report on the firing of the Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, published on September 11, 2008, advocates for women’s issues have publicly defended former commissioner Monegan, who was considered by many to be one of the few public officials working to solve the epidemic of abuse facing women in Alaska.  ~ Sarah Palin Truth Squad

Advocates for women’s issues in Alaska have come to the defense of the state’s former public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, abruptly fired by Governor Sarah Palin in July.

Monegan spent Wednesday testifying before a legislative commission which is investigating allegations Palin abused her office in firing him. Monegan claims he was dismissed because he resisted pressure from the Governor and her office to fire the Governor’s former brother-in-law.

Some women’s advocates say Monegan was one of the few state officials to take seriously the “epidemic” problem of violence against women and children in Alaska.

“I don’t believe Gov. Palin has made this a priority,” said Geran Tarr, co-chair of the Alaska Women’s Lobby. “We have not seen Gov. Palin do anything that would indicate this is a priority.”

Palin herself had nothing but praise for Monegan and his work on the issue [of domestic violence] at a conference earlier this year, just three months before she fired him, supposedly because he was not a team player on budget issues.

“An indication of our commitment is the participation here of my, our, department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan’s participation here and all of his hard work, and I want to publicly thank him,” Palin said.

She went on to say that Monegan was not just talking about the issue, but was “finding the solutions and plugging them in.”

“I want to publicly thank Walt for having his heart in the right place and his efforts too,” Palin said in her opening remarks. The footage was shot for Blinding Justice, a documentary in-progress that sheds light on the sexual abuse epidemic in Alaska.

ABC News Video of Governor Sarah Palin praising Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan



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